LeVel Lemonade introduces blue lid to raise money for Ukraine

LeVel Lemonade will donate 50c of each new blue-lidded bottle of Level Lemonade Original to the Save The Children charity in Ukraine.

Designed to represent the Ukrainian flag, Level has produced 20,000 of the uniquely lidded bottles which are currently available through its online store.

Chrish Graebner, Founder and Director of LeVel, said he looked at a variety of charities before settling on Save The Children.

“I did research to find the best charity, and Save The Children is a fully audited organisation that have been around a long time and have moulded something very specific to help the people on the ground in Ukraine.”

Regardless of the amount sold, Graebner will be donating $10,000 towards the charity and hopes that it will encourage awareness and potentially others to donate if possible.

“It is a tasty drink and it’s an easy way for people to do something good and will hopefully broaden awareness.”

Since the pandemic, Level has moved all its production into Australia, making it easier to be able to create this kind of initative.

“I spoke to my Sydney based company that supplies my lids and we put our heads together in creating the right pigment colour and now my factory in Melbourne, where the bottles are, will be able to dispatch it.”

With 50c from each purchase going towards Save The Children, that means the purchase of a 24-pack will result in a $12 donation.

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