Locals benefit as 7-Eleven opens second North QLD store

7-Eleven has opened its second store in Townsville, North Queensland, with local manufacturers reaping rewards of the expansion.

The $15 million investment into new stores in North Queensland is expected to bring over 100 store-based roles across Townsville and Cairns, while also providing approximately 200 full-time jobs during construction.

Fiona Hayes, General Manager – Channel at 7-Eleven, said the company’s expansion in the North will continue in 2023 with stores expected to open in Mundingburra and Aitkenvale in Townsville, and in North Cairns.

“The investment in expansion and growth from both ourselves and our supplier partners is providing new career opportunities locally. New recruits for our store-based leader and team member roles receive full training to set them up for success, so specific convenience and petrol experience isn’t required to build a career with our business.”

Townsville based company The Outback Pie Co. has worked with 7-Eleven since 2021 in developing its Puff Pastry Bakes range. Its three 7-Eleven brand bespoke products are now sold in more than 500 stores nationally, and the volumes so far have meant approximately 10 additional jobs at the factory.

Milo Gaffney, Managing Director at The Outback Pie Co., said locally based manufacturing will continue to be critical to the strength of the Australian economy and food supply chain.

“Not only does it mean employment in the regions, which helps ensure balanced economic growth across the country, but it facilitates efficient ecosystems of raw ingredients and other inputs close to the point of manufacturing. This means it is more efficient and reduces the need to transport ingredients huge distances.”

7-Eleven’s new Smoothie and Frappe machines also have a local influence, with supplier Fresh Blends Australia working with a Townsville based supplier to manufacture the flavours and ingredients for 7-Eleven stores nationally.

Peter Donohoe, Managing Director of Fresh Blends Australia, said they are excited to see the machines roll out to 7-Eleven stores across the country.

“Making the flavour and ingredient components for 7-Eleven’s new Smoothie and Frappe offer has led to 10 full time jobs in Townsville. As more people try these new drinks for themselves, and demand continues to grow, we expect to see job opportunities grow alongside increasing demand.”

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