Mars UK issues product recalls

Mars UK has called for a product recall on certain products.

A potential salmonella contamination has caused Mars to issue a recall of certain chocolate products that might have been affected.

The recall specifically concerns products distributed by the UK and Ireland, made at the firm’s plant in Slough.

It has been estimated that there are up to 3,000 potentially contaminated bars and bags of chocolate products.

The products involved include Galaxy Chocolate Bars, Minstrels, Counters and Teasers with best before dates May 2018.

Mars said it had not received any complaints but was recalling the products as a precaution after the presence of salmonella was detected during routine tests.

A Mars Chocolate Australia spokesperson: “Mars Chocolate UK and Mars Ireland are voluntarily recalling some GALAXY, GALAXY MINSTRELS, GALAXY COUNTERS and TEASERS products due to the potential presence of Salmonella from the ingredients used in making chocolate.

“This is a precautionary recall and is limited to specific products made in Slough and sold in the UK and Ireland. None of these products have been brought into Australia by Mars Chocolate Australia.

“Consumers can continue to enjoy their favourite Mars treats made or sold in Australia without concern.”

C&I Week urges anyone who might have parallel imported any of these products to check to the use by date and ensure their product safety.

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