Smart drink launches nationally

Australia’s first smart drink, Shine+.

Australia’s first smart drink, Shine+ has launched into the market, a beverage formulated to maintain focus, concentration, and mental performance.

Developed by a team of psychopharmacology, sports psychologists and food technologists, the beverage was made for health-conscious consumers who want to be at their mental peak.

Shine+ is different to energy drinks and caffeinated beverages as it contains low amounts of sugar and is without artificial colours, flavours and sweeteners, allowing consumers to avoid the “caffeine crash” and maintain a clean focus instead.

Shine+ CEO & Co-Founder Stephen Chapman said he was very proud of Shine+.

“It not only helps everyday Australians be at their best, but it also gives others access to life-saving clean drinking water at the same time,” he said.

The beverage, containing a number of natural ingredients including ginkgo, turmeric and green tea extract has a ginger and lemon flavour, designed to stimulate the brain.

Shine+ is currently available in portable 110ml glass bottles in selected stores and online.

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