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Quench your thirst with H2melon, the world’s first, long-Life, 100% watermelon water.

Since launching H2coco in 2010, David Freeman’s thirst for innovation has only grown, as he introduces H2melon, the world’s first, long-life, 100% watermelon water beverage, to the Australian market.

The new venture marks an exciting shift outside of coconut water; the release of H2melon was perfectly timed, with watermelon predicted to be the superfood of the year.

Freeman first discovered watermelon water after quenching his thirst with the cold-pressed beverage in the stifling heat of the Nevada Desert.

“There are some really great brands in the US making cold-pressed watermelon water, Freeman says, “but what sets H2melon apart is that we’re providing a long shelf life, without the preservatives, additives and artificial flavours.” By filling this gap in the market, Freeman continues to situate the H2 brand as a leader in the beverage industry.

H2melon serves as the perfect counterpart to H2coco, packed in tetra-pak packaging, a signature for H2 that has remained a point of difference for the brand.

After months of research, scouring through thirty-three varieties of watermelon, Freeman found a way to source the Aussie staple year-round, and keep its natural integrity and pure flavour, providing a way for consumers to latch onto the warmth and fun of Summer all year round.

Freeman also expects a smoother transition into the market than his original venture, H2coco.  “When coconut water launched, it was an acquired taste and you’d have to be a yoga student or someone health conscious to know about it”, he explains, “But everyone knows what watermelon is, whether it’s been your favourite type of fruit, lolly or lip balm, watermelon has been in your life.”

“I see it to be more of a lifestyle drink. Our message for H2melon is that it’s fun, it’s tasty whilst also gluten free, fat free, dairy free and vegan friendly – so it’s a beverage that everyone can enjoy,” Freeman says.

Freeman has prided himself on his ability to stay ahead of the curve, striving to bring more innovation to the oversaturated beverage market. And H2melon is evidence of his determination to stay on top in the industry, existing as the sole 100% pure watermelon water brand, available in the Australian market. The unique product will no doubt spur a curiosity in consumers that will see them flocking to stores to grab a thirst-quenching taste of the drink.

H2melon is not just a fun lifestyle drink, preserving everything Aussie consumers love about summer, it also contains a host of health benefits.

Watermelon is naturally packed with the electrolyte potassium, the amino acid L-Citrulline and antioxidant Lycopene, not to mention it’s made up of 92% water, providing the ultimate source of hydration.

With H2coco, Freeman helped transition coconut water from an exotic treat, into a readily available beverage on Australian shores and H2melon will similarly pave the way for watermelon to remain a favourite with consumers.

Introducing another first-to-market beverage has also paved the way for others brands to join the category and pursue similar watermelon water products. Freeman welcomes the competition, explaining, “the more people investing into the category, the faster it grows. This will shift watermelon water into the mainstream, helping us focus on continuing to provide a high quality product.”

Freeman is proving his credibility even further with H2melon and with no chances of slowing down, it will be exciting to see what new innovations will be added to the H2 brand next.

“Whether it’s coconut, watermelon or something else, H2 will continue to innovate, expand and grow and introduce Australia to healthier products and brands.”

H2melon is available today from Woolworths Supermarket and Caltex Starmart and all other leading supermarkets, petrol stations and convenience stores.


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