McDonald’s: pick up milk and bread with your cheeseburger

As businesses adapt to the evolving government restrictions amid the spread of Covid-19, one major fast food chain has taken an innovative approach to drawing in customers.

After the federal government placed a ban on all in-restaurant dining, McDonald’s was reduced to take-away, drive-through and home delivery of its range of burgers, sides and McCafe range.

However, not to keep a good burger chain down, the restaurant has found a new way to lure in customers and are now offering milk and packs of English muffins and bread rolls through both drive through and home delivery.

Meaning customers can pick up 2L and 3L skim or full cream milk bottles and bread staples while picking up breakfast, lunch or dinner. And thanks to their now contactless-only payment system, there is minimal human contact required.

As C&I reported last week, many businesses have adapted quickly to the changing conditions, offering new products such as grocery staples and fresh produce direct to consumers in an effort to stay viable through the crisis.

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