Milkrun is back and newly powered by Metro

In a turn of events that has delighted consumers all over social media, Milkrun is back, but not in exactly the same way as we knew it.

The grocery delivery platform announced suddenly last month that it would be shutting down and made roughly 400 staff across Sydney and Melbourne redundant. At the time, Founder of Milkrun, Dany Milham, said the closure was due to “worsening economic conditions”.

But today, the brand announced on Instagram that it was “back baby” – all thanks to Woolworths, which has purchased the Milkrun brand to replace its current Metro60 branding.

Milkrun’s Instagram post said: “Milkrun is now back in the game, powered by Woolworths Metro. That means you get 10,000+ range of groceries, tons of deals and an average delivery time of 33 minutes thanks to our delivery partners.

“Download the brand new, shiny Milkrun app and let’s get this grocery delivery party restarted. Feels good to be back.”

Instagram users were quick to flock with comments such as “I mean it when I say this: YAHOOOOOO” and “Don’t toy with me. Tell me you’re back and take my money!”

Through Woolworths’ purchase of the Milkrun brand, the back end operations of the Metro60 offering will remain unchanged in terms of orders being fulfilled from Metro stores and delivered by Uber – but the brand will be operating as Milkrun now powered by Metro.

Brad Banducci, CEO, Woolworths Group, said Woolworths has long admired Milkrun’s innovative brand, dedication to customers and ambition to shake up the grocery delivery model.

“We are thrilled that the Milkrun story will continue to live on and thrive with Metro60 relaunching as MILKRUN now powered by Metro.

“Orders will be fulfilled from our network of Metro stores which will give customers the choice of over 10,000 product lines including hot roast chickens, fresh sushi and much more. “

Existing Metro60 customers will notice the app has been rebranded to Milkrun now powered by Metro and the current functionality of the app remains the same. 

There will be a flat $5 delivery fee and zero service fee. Additionally, Milkrun now powered by Metro has a current promotion where there will be no delivery fee on a new customer’s first three orders. Everyday Rewards members will also earn Everyday Rewards points with every purchase.

Orders will be fulfilled via the current Metro60 model, which uses third party couriers and achieves an average delivery time of 33 minutes.

Milkrun now powered by Metro is available in more than 500 suburbs across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and the Gold Coast.

Milham, Milkrun’s Founder, said: “Milkrun pioneered rapid grocery delivery in Australia, and I’m pleased to see the brand continue in Woolworths hands.”

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