Moccona’s Ice Brew pop-up

On Saturday 9th Feb beach-goers in Sydney finally got to experience Moccona Ice Brew through a refreshing pop-up event!

A beautiful 32C day set the scene for the activation at Bondi Beach, where a 2.8m high ice block housed a giant Moccona Ice Brew encased in real ice. With over 9,200 cups of chilled Moccona Ice Brew samples (equal to 19 cups per minute!), misting jets and a 180-degree camera helping to bring the crowds in and enhance the experience and sharability of the event, over 80,000 social media users were reached across Facebook and Instagram.

As part of the sampling, consumers were also asked for their feedback of Moccona Ice Brew – saying it’s “refreshing”, “perfect on a hot day” and that “people should just try it!”

The Moccona Ice Brew campaign will continue into March, with OOH media,  social and digital content, and additional sampling.

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