Monster Energy Innovation Driving Category Growth

The energy drink category in the Petrol & Convenience (P&C) channel is valued at almost $504m in annual sales, and it is the number one non-alcoholic ready-to-drink (NARTD) beverage category – 1 out of every 4 drinks purchased in this channel is an energy drink!1 Energy drinks growth also continues to outpace total beverages, growing at +11% versus the prior year, compared to +8% for total beverages1.

As many consumers aim to actively reduce their sugar intake, growth in the zero-sugar segment continues to soar: last year, the zero-sugar segment grew 5x faster than the regular energy segment. Over the past 2 years, zero-sugar has grown from 18% share of category to now hold 25% share1.

Within this space, Monster Energy is the #1 zero-sugar energy trademark with 32% $ share2, helping deliver almost a third of total energy growth in the C&P Channel over the past year1

Coupling the growth in the zero-sugar segment with Monster Energy’s ability to bring unique flavours to the category, 2 new zero-sugar products will be released in Q1 2024: Monster Original Zero Sugar and Monster Ultra Strawberry Dreams.

With over 20 years of brand equity, the black can and green claw is synonymous with Monster. Monster Original Zero Sugar takes the classic flavour from Monster Original and uses a revised sweetener blend to surely appease the fans of the brand: its 100% Monster, 0% sugar!

Ultra Strawberry Dreams is a sweet and slightly tart strawberry flavour. Leveraging off the success of this product in the US, it is set to compliment the rest of the Ultra family by bringing a unique twist to a classic fruit flavour.

Monster and Mother innovations have proven to be incremental, create excitement and entice new consumers to the category. In 2024, these new products will be supported with eye-catching point-of-sale as well as digital and social media activations. For more information about these new and exciting flavours, please contact your local Coca-Cola Europacific Partners (CCEP) sales representative.

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