MotorMouth revamps website and app

MotorMouth has revamped its website and  smartphone app, providing users with real time, location-based information on petrol prices and service station locations.

Alan Cadd, MotorMouth MD, says the new app is “a real game changer for motorists”, particularly in the country. As part of the redesign, visitors to the MotorMouth website can point and click to find area averages, which are updated every 15 minutes. Users of the app can set preferred locations and service stations to view site level prices and forecasts throughout the day. Motorists using the app can also enter pump prices at the station.

“We have long understood our members’ desire to know prices at locations we just couldn’t get to, especially those beyond the capital cities. With this latest app upgrade our members can now enter prices they see at their local service stations anywhere across the country to share with the wider MotorMouth community, to help everyone with petrol purchases,” Cadd said.

MotorMouth, part of the Informed Sources group of companies, was first formed in July 2000 in response to the demand by Australian motorists for information on the fluctuating prices of unleaded petrol.


3 thoughts on “MotorMouth revamps website and app”

  1. New Motormouth website is terrible. A definite step-back from the previous very handy site. I can see they want us to use the app as there isn’t anything useful there unless one first registers one’s phone number — which I, and many others, are reluctant to do. Motormouth wants to glean more info about its users for marketing reasons, I guess, but it won’t be welcome.

  2. Have downloaded & installed the app but can’t find how to open it, am using Nokia 640lte,

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