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Retail members of Stock Box continue to show their support for the program with product ranging. In the latest post audit results for September, respondents indicated that 31% had ranged one or more products from the box.

The audit is always conducted approximately 8 weeks after each drop and feedback is voluntary, as opposed to the mandatory product box feedback from the initial drop. The purpose of the post audit is to measure the percentage of conversions from lead to ranging, in addition to finding any new leads that are passed back to partners, along with any feedback that may help further improve the program.

“Not every product in the box is suitable for every business, but that is the purpose of the program to find those stores that want these products”, said Stock Box MD Craig Matthews. “Our members constantly re-enforce to us that they want more products to try and test, and it is not surprising given the easy access and awareness consumers now have to products via social media, in comparison to the somewhat traditional and drawn out way that product currently reaches the retail shelf. Our program is all about, simplifying the process in a fast, effective and measurable way” said Mr. Matthews.

While the larger FMCG’s take a watch and wait approach to the program, it is the nimble proactive suppliers who are reaping the benefits. Awareness is dramatically increased through the box service, getting to sites that in most cases these suppliers would never get to, and saving months in time and effort canvassing for new business.

What our members are saying:

“Keep up the good work. We appreciate the chance to see, touch, feel, smell and try products before we consider them for much sought after floor and counter space.”

“This was my first box and I think it is a great idea. Not many of the products were suitable for our business this time. I think what you do is great as it is nice to be able to try something before you invest in it. Thanks so much”

“We will be contacting suppliers from the samples in our Stock Box in the new year. Thanks for the great products in this Stock Box.”

“Thank you for all the work you put into Stock Box. As a business owner/operator it is so hard to keep up to date with all the new products coming onto the market. Again thank you.”

What our partners are saying:

“Next Payments has and continues to utilise this service. We were originally sceptical on how successful the program would be, however to date we have receive more responses and conversions than any other advertising or direct marketing campaign we have run, at a fraction of the cost. I would definitely recommend Stock Box to any Sales and Marketing professionals looking for a fresh approach to traditional marketing communications.” Tyson Lester 

The Stock Box program in 2016 has more channels for suppliers to target and engage with, and expressions of interest for the program are now open. If you are into supporting independents then you should be in the box.

For more information on the Stock Box program and how you can get involved, go to or contact Craig Matthews 0407 467 670 or


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