Mount Franklin launches flavoured sparkling water in a can

Australia’s own water brand Mount Franklin is extending its Lightly Sparkling offer in time for summer, with the launch of ‘Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling’ hint of natural flavours in a 250ml can.

Ideal for health-conscious consumers seeking icy-cold refreshment, the ‘Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling’ can range includes three natural flavours – a hint of lime, raspberry or mango, all with no sugar, no preservatives, and no sweeteners.

The flavours selected have strong consumer appeal according to sensory research from Colmar Brunton, and the slim 250ml can helps to retain the light bubbles, chills fast and stays cool which offers a refreshing sensory experience to encourage trial and drive repeat purchase.

Mount Franklin senior brand manager Kara Morrow said: “Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling cans are a fantastic innovation.”

“The cans are very distinctive and will be noticed by anyone seeking great tasting and refreshing beverages,” she said.

For retailers, the pack size and format represents a new opportunity in this category, offering a great tasting range of products at an affordable price point. The sparkling water market also offers plenty of room to grow, with almost 1 in 2 surveyed not having tried it in the previous 12 months21.

The launch is supported by a multi-channel marketing campaign encouraging consumers to ‘Crack open the NEW taste Australiahhhhh’. Radio hosts Hamish and Andy will front a campaign across the HIT network, and ‘Mount Franklin’ will stage a nationwide sampling program at key summer hotspots and activate throughout of home and in-store touchpoints.

‘Mount Franklin Lightly Sparkling’ spring water with hint of natural flavour is available now in 250ml can size for immediate consumption and 4x 250ml multipacks to take-home, delivering icy-cold hydration on-the-go or at home this summer.

1. Colmar Brunton, online research May 2016, Australia (n=1,007)

9 thoughts on “Mount Franklin launches flavoured sparkling water in a can”

  1. I really hope this is a permanent thing because I absolutely love them and rate them better than any other flavoured sparkling drink. Great for parties too when you are the designated driver and can’t drink. I will be really disappointed if they stop producing these because they are the best drink I think ever for mineral water fans.

  2. rosanna Bianchi

    Fantastic no sugar, no preservatives but can someone tell me what “natural flavour” is?

  3. I love this water so much.. I would like to be able to buy it in the bottle. Please consider it.

  4. I adore these, I drink a slab of them a week, so great for people with diabetes. Thank you so much

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