Golden Gaytime’s golden hoax

A very delicious announcement has disappointed Golden Gaytime fans with the news that it was in-fact, a fan-made hoax.

The ‘Golden Gaytime Sanga’, similar to a Maxibon style ice cream, was posted to the Golden Gaytime Facebook page which was then inundated with excited fans.

The advertisement mock-up shows a slab of vanilla and toffee ice cream sandwiched between two biscuits covered in chocolate and more biscuit crumbs.

Streets confirmed that they were aware of the advertisement but said any official product launch would come from their official website and social channels, a representative told Pedestrian.TV.

Pedestrian also reached out to ask if Streets would consider creating the Maxibon ice creams, it has yet to be confirmed or denied.

1 thought on “Golden Gaytime’s golden hoax”

  1. its a viral campaign. they have already presented it to key banners. their just deceiving the public into talking about it so they can say that their loyal followers wanted it so they created it. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!!

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