Need a jetpack not wings?

Need a jetpack not wings? A Dare Fix’ll Fix It. A level up from Dare Triple Espresso, Dare Intense Espresso 500mL contains more caffeine than 3 cans of the market-leading energy drink^!

Dare Intense Espresso is the brands strongest brew yet and is true to its name – delivering an intense coffee kick when it’s needed most. Dare is a must have brand to have in fridges, selling more than double its nearest competitor* and attracts 57% of shoppers coming back to buy another Dare**. Designed for coffee lovers who need that extra fix, Dare Intense Espresso is perfect for those occasions when your coffee needs a coffee.

Dare Intense Espresso is available for a limited time only.

Dare, Australia’s #1 Iced Coffee*, is on a journey towards a Better Future for all Australians. In 2022, Dare announced that its range was brewed using Rainforest Alliance Certified coffee beans. March 2023 has seen the next step in their commitment to a journey towards a sustainable future with the transition of all bottles under 1L to 100% Recycled Plastic~ to contribute to a more circular economy for Australia.

Sales Enquiries AU 1800 000 570

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