Nestlé to launch new Kit Kat range

Nestlé is launching three new Kit Kat flavours.

Nestlé has unveiled its newest range of the iconic chocolate bar, adding three new flavours to the Kit Kat repertoire.

According to Nestlé, the NPD (New Product Development) was inspired by its bricks-and-mortar Melbourne store, the Chocolatory, and was created with a different take on texture, flavour and possible inclusions.

The Melbourne Chocolatory opened last year, bringing the creative potential of Kit Kats directly into customers hands.

The Chocolatory saw the “Create Your Break” pop-up bar being re-established for DIY Kit Kats with a selection of customisable toppings.

The new flavours included in the range are Mint Cream and Cookie Smash, Caramel Burst and Sea Salt, Espresso Biscuit and Ganache.

Blocks will be available in the convenience and impulse sector from May 2017.

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