Nestlé Professional launches chilled Milo dispenser

Arriving just in time for summer, the new chilled Milo dispensers have a demonstrated ROI and are now available for commercial operators.

The Iced Milo for CoolPro, launched by Nestlé Professional, is a simple, easy-to-use system that dispenses cold beverages at a touch of a button.

Scott Stuckmann, Nestlé Professional Oceania General Manager, said Milo has been an iconic part of Australian life for generations and is loved by teens and families alike.

“Iced Milo for CoolPro is ideal for businesses wanting to appeal to and increase their sales with the overwhelming proportion of Australians who enjoy their Milo cold (65 per cent). Having a convenient ready-made chilled Milo drink for the hot summer months is sure to be a huge drawcard for operators.”

Iced Milo for CoolPro is easily installed and is suited to service retail, dispensing a range of flavours including Milo, Nestea Lemon, Sjora Mango Peach, and Nescafe Ice, all operators need to do is add ice.

Fitted with touch-screen controls and quick-change four litre liquid concentrate cases, the dispenser is easy to maintain with limited manual cleaning required.

Nestlé Professional is currently offering new operators a free trial of the CoolPro machine.

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