Nestlé’s $2 million water-saving investment

Nestlé Australia has invested $2 million in state-of-the-art technology to reduce water usage at its factory in Gympie.

The technology includes a treatment and filtration system that allows used water to be recycled on-site, in place of fresh water from the town supply, and will cut the Gympie factory’s water use by around 20 per cent, saving 45 million litres each year.

Steve Taljaard, Factory Manager, said making coffee uses a lot of water, so finding ways to reduce water use is a priority.

“Our new treatment system captures and recycles the water used in the coffee making process – and that recycled water is then used in our site’s cooling towers.

“Our new filtration system will help us to save water but also deliver back to the local community. It reduces the amount of local water we use, reduces the amount of used water that needs to be treated by Council, and reduces pressure on local water supplies, especially during drier seasons.”

Previously, the water used in the factory, which produces Nescafé, was drawn from the local town water supply and directed to the local water treatment plant.

“We’re committed to investing in continuous improvement of the Gympie site, including improving our environmental efficiency,” said Taljaard.

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