Nestlé’s structured-sugar Milkybar

Nestles sugar reduction can be traced back to its sugar reduction tecnique.

Nestle has released a new take on the original Milkybar in the UK.

Sighting fairy-floss as the inspiration for the innovation, Nestle claims the new chocolate bar has the same sweetness as usual but has 30 percent less sugar.

The company said it had “changed the structure of sugar” to create healthier versions of its products.

This new “structured sugar” is said to dissolve quicker on the tongue which then delivers the sweet flavour quicker than normal sugar.

A press release from Nestlé Oceania stated that the sugar reduction plan was first announced in November 2016.

The first chocolate bar to be released with the new “structured sugar” is a variant of the Milkybar called Wowsome.

Wowsome is currently only available in the UK and is yet to be brought to Australian stores.

Nestlé General Manager Confectionery Martin Brown said that Nestlé was hoping to bring the chocolate bar to Australia and New Zealand later this year.

“Nestlé researchers have discovered a way to change the structure of sugar using only natural ingredients, so it dissolves more quickly on your tongue. This ‘structured’ sugar delivers a sweet sensation more quickly than normal sugar. This allows us to use less total sugar in the product, while providing an almost identical sweet taste,” Mr Brown said.

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