WARNING: counterfeit lighters

Recently some counterfeits of the famous BIC® pocket lighter have been found within the Australian market, these are potentially dangerous and are in infringement to BIC®’s Intellectual Property rights.

Australia has stringent rules and standards to the sale and manufacture of lighters. Retailers of lighters that breach these regulations may be found guilty of a criminal offence which carries the maximum fines of $220,000 for individuals and $1,100,000 for companies; plus damages, withdrawal of sales and loss of reputation. Genuine BIC® Lighters are of high quality and comply with legal safety requirements.

Any consumer who suffers injury from a defective lighter can claim compensation from the retailer for death, physical injury or monetary loss caused by the defective lighter. Retailers may not be able to cover this money from the supplier.

If you have any questions, or think that you may possess counterfeit BIC® Lighters please contact BicAu.CustomerService@bicworld.com

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