New flavour and new markets for +hemp

An exciting new addition to +hemp’s range has arrived in time with their expansion into Asian markets, the +hemp Energy Dragonfruit.

Using Australian-grown ingredients, +hemp is the first brand to use hemp to build a beverage, a move which was only made possible in Australia in 2017 when the use of hemp was legalised to be used as a food ingredient.

Natalie Beaini, Founder, discovered the benefits of hemp when she began using it to treat her psoriasis. After seeing significant results, she began to include the natural ingredient in food and protein shakes, observing the nutritional benefits it brought to her busy lifestyle.

Armed with the idea to bring a healthy alternative to the energy drink space, Beaini teamed up with a pharmaceutical lab to scientifically formulate the life changing water known as +hemp.

The brand has started its international expansion, bringing its distinct flavours and natural taste to South Korea last year and Japan in 2023, along with pipelines to enter the New Zealand and Indian market in 2024.

While hemp is an ingredient derived from the seed of certain varieties of the Cannabis sativa plant, it contains no THC, meaning it does not have psychoactive or hallucinogenic effects.

+hemp are stocked in bp’s and various other independent convenience retailers nationally for RRP $4.50 per can.

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