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New Sunrise to place 400 lifesaving defibrillators across its network

Australia’s fastest growing independent retailer, New Sunrise, is reinforcing its commitment to local communities by funding the placement of 400 life-saving automated external defibrillators (AEDs) across its network of Sunrise and Enjoy Local branded stores.

New Sunrise Managing Director Steve Cardinale proudly announced the complementary roll out of the AEDs to the network at the company’s recent iceworks conference, held in Port Douglas in April.

“Independent stores are the heart of their local community, and we are proud to now represent the heart of the nation,” said Cardinale.

The announcement followed a moving presentation by original Yellow Wiggle, Greg Page, who was invited to address the delegates.

Page recently survived a sudden cardiac arrest that he suffered during a performance with his original Wiggle members. He proudly introduced the ‘Heart of the Nation’ initiative, which raises community awareness of cardiac arrests and the location of AEDs across the country.

Having an AED available in highly accessible locations will help increase the chance of survival for a person suffering a cardiac arrest from 10 per cent to up to 70 per cent.

New Sunrises contribution of AEDs to its member store network will assist their local community by providing millions of Australians with access to a lifesaving AED, as part of its ‘Passport to Profit’ program.

“Enjoy Local stores play such an important role in their local community. Especially seen in times of need or in times of crisis, they are often the first to open and last to close,” said Cardinale.

“Our association with Heart of the Nation further reinforces our commitment to playing that vital role in the community and supporting our customers every step of the way.”

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