Non-dairy milk brand, Inside Out, will mint a collection of NFTs

Australian non-dairy milk brand Inside Out has commissioned seven pieces of artwork that will be minted into exclusive non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

The artworks have been created by Australian artists Sandra Cipriotti and Eryn Leggatt, and will be a mix of light-hearted, humorous pieces, to pieces that examine the rich Australian history, the farming industry, and what modern Australia looks like.

Anthony Tuong, Inside Out Founder, said the company is excited to take this step into the crypto market.

“We think it’s a really fun and interesting way to open ourselves up and show who we really are as a team, a company, a brand. We commissioned ‘bigger than business’ pieces to express that despite being a company that manufactures and sells non-dairy milk for money, there are so many things that matter more.”

NFTs are crypto assets that are assigned to digital works of art, videos, and music. They can be collected or traded and are stored in digital wallets, same as cryptocurrency. Similar to traditional artwork, NFTs can be enjoyed by the owner or used as a potential investment for similar minded collectors.

To have a chance at landing an exclusive Inside Out NFT, customers need to follow a few simple instructions depending on which artist’s NFT they want. For Leggatt’s, they will need to set up a Metamask wallet and send their ‘receive’ address along with their choice of artwork to by 10 December.

For Cipriotti, customers will need to like and comment on the NFT competition post on Inside Out’s Instagram, telling them what it is they love about Australia by 10 December.

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