Occupational violence and aggression is unacceptable

Written by AACS CEO Jeff Rogut

Our industry is unfortunately all too familiar with issues such as petrol theft and robberies occurring on our businesses. There is certainly a direct financial loss, but importantly there is the trauma experienced by operators, their staff and at times, even customers.

It is unacceptable that people going about their lawful business have to be exposed to such actions by criminals, those affected by alcohol and increasingly drugs. We need to ensure that our staff are aware of situations that may occur, how to de-escalate them where feasible and how to react after an incident has taken place.

Our Member companies do in the main have excellent training programs for their staff. It is important though to keep resources and training up to date and current with changing conditions in society. There are other resources that offer guides that may also be useful e.g. https://www.worksafe.vic.gov.au/occupational-violence-and-aggression

AACS is looking to develop resources focused on retail and our industry to specifically assist operators and their staff – more information on this will follow.

Stay safe!

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