OMG Oat Milk to launch in Woolworths

Oat Milk Goodness (OMG) Oat Milk is set to be launched in Woolworths in NSW and Vic this month, with a national roll out from May.

Tony Adams and Daniel Rootes, Founders of OMG, teamed up with Australian cricketer Steve Smith to launch the sustainable milk alternative in 2019, and it is now stocked in over 350 cafes and stores across Australia.

Smith said they are excited to partner with Woolworths and deliver a more sustainable milk option to more Australian homes.

“OMG has been developed with the motivation of tasting good, being Aussie made and ticking all the boxes for baristas – in terms of its richness, texture and the ability to froth well too.”

OMG is a plant-based oat milk that doesn’t contain industrial seed oils, instead it is made with olive oil, which is said to taste and cream better with coffee.

Oat milk’s popularity is on the rise among Australians, owing to its reputation as one of the most sustainable options in the plant-based range. Oats, which are generally less land-intensive to cultivate and require less water than other plant-based alternatives, have a carbon footprint that is estimated to be one-third that of conventional cow’s milk.

Briar Macky, CEO of OMG, said the launch into Woolworths is a really exciting step in OMG’s growth.

“OMG was created with a simple mission to provide a sustainable delicious plant-based alternative milk to all Australians. We are committed to remaining free from industrial seed oils and are carbon positive.”

The brand is carbon positive and addresses the over-clearing of trees in Australia by actively planting trees in the WA wheatbelt help soak up carbon and reduce soil salinity.

OMG is available in a 1L Tetra Pak and can be found at Woolworths stores across Sydney and Melbourne now and nationwide from 1 May.

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