On the Go? Stay Connected

As our lives increasingly become busier and busier consumers continue to look for new products and technologies that integrate into their busy schedule and simply make life easier.

Walk n Talk have just released two brand new products that let you stay connected whilst you are on the go.

Premium Powerbank – 10,000mAH

As we continue to run our lives from our phone, this 10,000mAH Premium Powerbank enables you to keep your phone or tablet charged no matter where you are.  Compact and convenient it is small enough to sit in your bag or pocket but big enough to charge your phone 5 times* before needing to be recharged.  It has dual USB output so you can charge two devices simultaneously and had has LED indicators to let you know how much power is remaining.

No brainer when it comes to staying connected.

Bluetooth Earbuds

As technology continues and the thirst for wireless products increases the time was right for Walk n Talk to release a set of Bluetooth Earbuds.  Designed to fit seamless into your ear the new Earbuds has a Microphone for hands-free talking and Volume and Track Control so you can take control without needing your phone at all.

The magnet on the controller enables you to easily attach it to your shirt or collar so you don’t need those annoying cables getting tangled while running to your phone.

To keep moving with these two innovative additions to the Walk n Talk range, come & see the Pacific Optics team at the C&I Expo, Stand F22.

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