PELEGUY Distribution, your one-stop shop.

PeleGuy Distribution was established over 15 years ago and is currently one of the leading suppliers in C&I channels in Australia.

PeleGuy is known not only for the high quality of its products, but also for its exemplary store-to-store customer service and competitive prices. PeleGuy Distribution constantly improves market knowledge and learns what is best for their customers on an individual basis.

A wide range of products is always on offer from leading brands in health and beauty, mobile phone and smoking accessories, as well as unique and very popular Vibe funky USB cables and their own range of TIKO Jet and latest Tiko USB lighters

Peleguy is continuously improving and expanding their range, ensuring that all the products supplied are functional and fashionable and therefore customers get best value for money.

TIKO USB Lighters – the future of lighters is here now!

For over 6 years, Peleguy Distribution has been a proud owner of a highly sought after brand of Jet Lighters – TIKO and now consumers can get their hands on the latest TIKO USB Lighters! They are new to the market, however, they have already created a huge buzz.

TIKO USB Lighters combine innovative technology of traditional metal coil and double ARC lighters with sleek designs, offering consumers a vast variety of styles from classic to contemporary and funky. These flameless lighters are windproof and are environmentally friendly.

USB Lighters will never run out of gas, can be fully recharged within an hour with a USB cable and will work up to 300 uses between charges.

To see the full range of TIKO Lighters and much more, please visit

Come to say Hi to us at the C&I Expo at Stand C13.


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