OVO Mobile sign deal with 7-Eleven

Source: OVO

From November 15, OVO mobile and broadband products will be available for purchase in 617 7-Eleven stores.

Previously only available online, OVO is moving into bricks-and-mortar stores for the first time.

92% of 7-Eleven stores will hold the OVO products on their shelves, joining a variety of other telecommunication products that are currently available. However, OVO will be the first to sell a single sim card that can be loaded up with any plan from the full mobile and data-only range at the point of sale.

OVO Mobile CEO Matt Jones said this partnership was about catering to consumer desires.

“OVO’s subscriber base has grown exponentially month-on-month off the back of products OVO fans can’t get anywhere else, the most recent being our new 100GB prepaid mobile broadband plan that addresses the needs of people who are sick of the poor performance of their fixed broadband,” he said.

“OVO customers are going 100% mobile, ditching their fixed broadband in favour of OVO’s Data plans and packaging this up with Mobile plans that cover all the requirements of the family. And with the transparency of OVO’s pricing and no sneaky extra’s OVO customers are 100% in control of their monthly usage.

“It’s pretty exciting to now be able to offer these plans over the counter to people who can be up-and-running within hours of picking up one of our SIM cards at their nearest 7-Eleven store.

“For our business, teaming up with 7-Eleven is a momentous step, giving us an Australia-wide footprint to build upon what we’ve achieved to-date as a pure e-commerce brand.  It’s an exciting moment in OVO’s evolution.”

OVO intends for the partnership to be the foundation of its retail footprint for its mobile and data-only plans.


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