Philip Morris offer free help for retail partners

Tobacco company Philip Morris Limited are extending their employee assistance program (EAP) to their retail partners during COVID-19.

Acknowledging the evolving situation and restrictions posed by the global pandemic was creating a lot of uncertainty for retailers, the company are reaching out to offer help where they can.

A spokesperson for the company said they were pleased to extend their help at a time of need.

“Philip Morris wants to be there for their Retail Partners, as they support our community through this time,” they said.

Their EAP, sourced from third-party provider Assure, has a range of support services on offer, from confidential counselling by qualified psychologists, financial coaching and introductory legal advice.

Retailers will be able to access five free sessions to assist in navigating the restrictions and managing their business through the crisis*.

Retail partners can access the service through the Philip Morris Portal Account at or call the Philip Morris Service Solutions department on 1800 135 723 to arrange access.

*Accessing the services is conditional on accepting Philip Morris takes no responsibility for the service and the company reiterates businesses must seek independent financial and legal advice before acting on that provided through Assure.

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