Polly Waffle set for comeback

Beloved chocolate the Polly Waffle is set for a triumphant return to shelves.

It comes as the company behind the brand, Robern Menz, won a merit based grant through the federal government’s Manufacturing Modernisation Fund (MMF).

The $1 million grant will go towards establishing a new production line in their Adelaide factory to bring the iconic bar back. The project, worth $5 million, will generate 38 local jobs over two years.

While there’s no set date for the relaunch of the beloved confection, Robern Menz has said they expect to have it in customers’ hands by late next year.

Robern Menz CEO Phil Sims said they were pleased to have been a recipient of the grant.

“The funds provided by the grant will go a long way to supporting the production of the Polly Waffle chocolate bar, right here in Australia. The significant contribution gives us the confidence to move forward, and purchase vital equipment to support the production of Polly Waffle at our factory in Adelaide.

“This means that we are one step closer to getting Polly Waffle back into production and into the hands of customers. We do not currently have a definitive date for launch but are anticipating Polly Waffle will be back on shelves in late 2021. We kindly do ask for patience from fans as we know how important it is that the final product meets people’s expectations and that takes time to perfect.”

The federal government has granted $48.3 million in funding to 200 projects through the MMF to support the manufacturing sector and foster job growth, estimating up to 2,600 jobs would be generated through the projects.

Minister for Industry, Science and Technology Karen Andrews said the MMF was established before COVID-19 to help small and medium sized manufacturers invest in equipment and technology to upgrade their operations. But added given the current climate, the investment was particularly pertinent.

“Now as we face the coronavirus pandemic and look to come out the other side stronger, this investment will be more critical than ever,” Ms Andrews said.

“I am determined to further strengthen Australian manufacturing and the current pandemic gives us the opportunity as a nation to reassess and commit to the values of Australian-made goods.”

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