Pringles reduces can size to cut on packaging waste

Pringles has reduced the height of its 53g cans, saving 37,000kg of packaging waste per year, but will still contain the same amount of chips.

In a significant step towards minimising its environmental impact, the height of the 53g can will decrease by nearly 10 per cent, featuring less empty space and reducing packaging waste across Australia and New Zealand.

Dan Bitti, Head of Salty Snacks at Kellanova, said they’re excited to introduce the revamped cans delivering in the same snack with less packaging.

“Pringles have a distinctive and iconic can, and we’re committed to maintaining quality while continuing to find ways to minimise our environmental footprint.”

In 2022, Pringles removed the plastic lid from its cans and are currently working towards developing more sustainable packaging solutions across the Pringles range.

The smaller 53g variety will be available from May 2024.

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