Retailers urged to learn Queensland’s new knife sale laws

A new knife crime prevention campaign has launched in Queensland in support of new knife laws surrounding the sale of knives.

The campaign, launched by National Retail Association (NRA) and the Queensland Police Service (QPS), aims to support awareness among businesses of their new responsibilities once legislation comes into effect on 1 September 2024.

Under the new laws, retailers will be required to perform age checks, provide instructions to their staff, display in-store signage, and restrict advertising.

David Stout, Director of Policy at the NRA, said retailers were overwhelmingly supportive of the new laws but would need time and support to implement the changes.

“We will be working closely a range of stakeholders, from national retailers and suppliers to brick and mortar, store businesses, and e-commerce retailers.

“Over the coming months, the National Retail Association’s Policy team will be delivering a range of support services for businesses, including a toll-free hotline, handbook to compliance, fact sheets and signage, online webinars, and physical visits to thousands of stores in more than 500 retail centres and precincts across Queensland.”

The new laws, which ban the sale of knives to juveniles, will require retailers to securely store particular controlled items such as double-edged knives, machetes, tomahawks, and axes and display signage regarding age-restricted items.

Minister Mark Ryan said retailers have the power to help protect their communities and thanked them for working with police to help end knife violence.

“This campaign marks a line in the sand- if you choose to take a dangerous weapon into our community, you can expect to be caught. There is no reason for young people to be walking the streets with knives, machetes, axes and the array of dangerous weapons we’ve been seeing.

“I encourage local businesses to get on board, engage with these resources to prepare for September 1 when new laws will restrict the sale of controlled weapons to minors.”

The NRA will be holding free online information sessions for businesses every Thursday at 11am for the next few months, starting 30 May 2024.

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