Robern Menz push for new South Australian public holiday

Confectionery company Robern Menz are calling on the SA Premier, Steven Marshall, to recognise FruChoc Appreciation Day, on October 1st, as a public holiday for all South Australians.

An online petition titled ‘Make FruChoc Appreciation Day a Public Holiday for all South Australians’ has garnered more than 2,000 signatures at time of writing.

Robern Menz produces 60 million FruChocs annually, has over 15,000 FruChoc society members and even it’s own mascot – Mr FruChoc.

With the 10th anniversary of FruChoc Appreciation Day arriving this year, Robern Menz CEO Phil Sims believes it’s the perfect time for the day to be officially recognised and turned into a public holiday.

“This year we asked ourselves how we could make it even bigger and better for the people of South Australia and honestly, it’s tough to top a day dedicated to eating FruChocs – unless it was also a public holiday! Because who doesn’t love a day off work almost as much as we all love FruChocs?

“There’d be no having to answer the phone or deal with annoying colleagues, you could be solely focussed on the most important thing at hand – stuffing FruChocs in your mouth. So we’ve started a petition. Will it work? If enough people sign our petition, who knows? Stranger things have happened. But either way we think it’d be un-South Australian of us to not at least give it a shot. And un-South Australian of our fellow FruChocs lovers not to have a bit of fun by signing it.”

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