Ruffie Rustic Foods ‘Chicken-ie Schnitzel’ sales skyrocket

Since launching in October, the Ruffie Rustic Foods ‘Chicken-ie Schnitzel’ has skyrocketed to become the brand’s highest selling meal, with almost 100,000 units sold after just 20 weeks.

The Chicken-ie Schnitzel was launched to meet the needs of a growing number of Australians who are choosing to either reduce or eliminate meat from their diets.

The reimagined Aussie classic recreates the taste and texture of a real chicken schnitzel without sacrificing on flavour and retails for RRP $7.

It comes in a ready-made, frozen meal complete with al dente penne in a Pomodoro sauce of vine-ripened tomatoes, capsicum and zucchini.

Anand Surujpal, GM of Marketing and Innovation at Patties Foods said that the reimagined pub classic meets the needs of the growing appetite for plant-based foods.

“Whether you’re a vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, or just simply wanting to try something new, Ruffie Rustic Foods is all about promoting a healthy, balanced lifestyle with an emphasis on progress not perfection,” says Surujpal.

“With this new flavour, we want to treat our customers to the classic flavours they love, in a modern and convenient way.”

Ruffie Rustic Foods is an Australian owned brand of frozen ready-made meals, produced by Patties Foods.

The range, including other plant-based meal options such as the ‘Thai Green Chicken-ie Curry’ are available in the freezer section of Woolworths and select independent grocers and petrol and convenience outlets around the country.

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