Give your customers what they crave – delicious shakes and smoothies from the hottest frozen beverage in the country – f’real. Real dairy, Australian made Thickshakes and Smoothies, easy blending in under a minute.

With a 20 year heritage of market leadership in the US, F’real is now rapidly growing in Australia. F’real frozen Thickshakes and Smoothies are made in Australia, with real milk and real ice-cream.

Cool, on trend flavours your customers will love with the real f’real experience they will tell their friends about. Customers choose their flavour, choose their thickness, place in blender and blend! It’s as easy as that. The unique f’real self serve blender offers low touch blending in under a minute. No mess, no waste, no fuss.

The self serve blender is also self cleaning, undergoing a daily sanitization for 12 minutes (programmable time that suits you), without using chemicals.

The eye catching digital LCD screen markets the self serve, self sanitizing, low labour products. Our program saves you time, labour and costs. Available in six delicious flavours, with exciting NPD coming soon.

F’real will appeal to your existing beverage consumer and can bring new users into your operation. The core 13-24 customers regularly feature their f’real experience on TikTok, bringing more new users to your store. Tradies also love f’real for a mid morning energy boost.

Also available is the smaller, back of house blender, where you blend it for the customer. Easily customizable so you can extend your flavour range to suit your customer’s needs.

See for more details or contact us at Rich Customer Service on 02 9437 9577.


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