Snackinar Beef Strips to fill gap in Australian snack food market

A new brand in the beef industry, Snackinar, is poised to fill a $60 million gap in the Australian snack food market with its ready to eat Beef Strips snacks.

Snackinar Beef Strips were developed in Australia by Michael Hearne in search of great tasting and very convenient natural protein snacks without sugar.

He says that Australia is overdue for a meat snacks revolution and points to research published in 2018 by Meat and Livestock Australia, which shows a $60 million gap in the Australian snack food market for a ready to eat beef jerky alternative.

“Australians enjoy some of the best food in the world and we all value the quality of what we eat, says Hearne.

“Snacks have typically undermined that and almost all of the high protein options available today are laden with carbs, which we know is basically sugar. Snackinar products are high in protein and essential nutrients without the sugar. For me personally, it’s the perfect post-exercise snack and I’ve heard they’re a nice change from cheese when sipping wine.”

Snackinar Beef Strips follow a simple and precise production process to meet the expectations of Australian’s who want only the best natural food snacks without the chemical additives. The only ingredients in Snackinar products are Australian beef and natural seasoning (herbs, spices, salt, and garlic).

They are available now from Amazon Australia and are currently seeking wider distribution. For more information contact

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