Wonder takes strides towards a more sustainable future

Wonder has ramped up its focus on sustainability, announcing several new commitments that will improve its environmental impact, and significantly reduce plastic waste.

Wonder’s bread bags are now 100 per cent recyclable and contain 25 per cent less plastic, and in the coming months, Wonder will be introducing cardboard bread tags, potentially removing around 50 million small pieces of plastic from the waste stream annually.

The brand has also announced that as of 1 July, every loaf of Wonder bread is now produced using 100 per cent renewable electricity, helping to reduce carbon emissions from its bakeries.

In April, Wonder launched Wonder Recycling Rewards, a fun and easy program for Aussie schools to recycle bread bags that might otherwise go to landfill. More than 1,000 schools across Australia registered and have collected thousands of kilograms of plastic, diverting it from landfill.

Wonder will now help to turn every single bread bag collected through the program into new and sustainable items that kids can play on or with.

Cheree Andrews, Senior Marketing Manager – Baking said that Wonder wants to help kids thrive and grow while creating a better future for tomorrow.

“A big focus is on reducing the impact of plastic on the environment, so initiatives such as our 100 per cent recyclable bread bags, made with 25 per cent less plastic, and our recyclable bread tags will help significantly reduce plastic waste.

“In partnership with our 2021 Recycling Rewards program, over 400,000 kids and their families, across 1,000 schools have collected Wonder bread bags and bread tags, which will be used to create playground equipment. We truly are turning waste into wonderful.”

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