Snacks become a “lifeline” for 52 per cent of global adults

Mondelēz International has released its annual State of Snacking report, which has shown that more than half of global adults have changed their snacking habits during the pandemic.

The research was conducted among thousands of consumers across 12 countries with the intent to better understand the role that snacking plays in peoples’ lives.

The report underlines the growth in the $1.2 trillion total global snack industry and how behaviour, sentiment and routines surrounding food are being reshaped by Covid-19.

Almost nine out of 10 global adults said that they are snacking more or the same during the pandemic than before, with millennials (70 per cent) and those who are working from home (67 per cent) being especially likely to say the prefer snacks over meals.

Fifty-two per cent of respondents said that snacking had become a lifeline, especially parents who are working from home (69 per cent).

Snacking has become an antidote for loneliness and an avenue for connection, with 77 per cent of global adults making a connection with others via food in the last six months. This includes 40 per cent who made a snack together, 31 per cent giving a snack as a gift, and 29 per cent who purchased groceries for someone who could not go themselves.

The research highlights that consumers are seeking out snacks that enable them to lead healthier lifestyles and boost emotional wellbeing.

Two-thirds of respondents highlighted that snacking at home has provided them with more control over their portion sizes and 64 per cent said that they are now more aware of the snacks that their bodies need.

Immunity boosting snacks have been top of mind with 56 per cent of respondents, and 65 per cent said that snacking has given them much needed moments to themselves.

Dirk Van de Put, Chairman and CEO of Mondelēz International, said: “Findings from our State of Snacking report reinforce the key role that snacking plays in the lives of global consumers, the growing importance of snacking during 2020 and the moments of peace it provides as individuals and families stay home and continue to face challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“As we empower people to snack right, we are proud of the role we play in the lives of consumers everywhere by delivering sources of comfort, connection and community that are difficult to find in this year of isolation.”

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