Streets brings back popular ice cream

Streets is relaunching the iconic Paddle Pop caramel choc today (July 26) for a limited time only.
The Caramel Choc Paddle Pop. Source:

After a 30 year hiatus, Streets is bringing back a fan favourite.

The Caramel Choc flavoured Paddle Pop has made a return to the freezer.

The ice cream was first released back in 1989.

Streets brand manager, Samantha Jarmul said: “We’re so pleased to announce the return of the caramel choc, fondly remembered by those growing up in the ’80s and ’90s”.

“Now they have the chance to enjoy their childhood memory of caramel goodness with their own children, and it tastes just as great,” Ms Jarmul said.

The wrapping on the re-released Paddle Pop is the same as it was on the original.

The Caramel Choc Paddle Pop was made available on 26 July 2019.

It can be purchased at Coles and most convenience stores.

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