Tap-and-go ring contactless payment system

The Bankwest Halo ring. Source: Bankwest.com.au

Bankwest have introduced a new form of tap-and-go contactless payment- a ring.

‘Bankwest Halo’ is the latest piece of wearable technology that works in the same way as contactless bank cards.


Benefits include:

  • Contactless payment
  • Water resistant up to 50 metres
  • Secure payments
  • No need to charge

Each ring is personalised to the Bankwest customer so that it fits and is comfortable on their finger.

The Halo ring works with any payment terminal that accepts tap-and-go payments.


MasterCard Australasian senior vice president of digital Matt Barr said: “We expect to see more smart rings reach Australia this year and that’s great, because different payment methods suit different people at different times and we don’t want to dictate how people buy things”.

“For me, I can’t think of a more convenient way than to tap something I’ve got on my hand while still enjoying the same security as if I was waving a plastic MasterCard,” he said.

The Bankwest Halo rings are available for order now, for a $39 fee.

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