Tasty Toobs makes exciting production change

Tasty Toobs in NSW and Qld will now be produced locally due to high demand for the saucy snack across the country.

The new Australian product will have a slightly different texture, with the locally made version featuring a firmer bite.

Vandita Pandey, CMO PepsiCo ANZ, said bringing Tasty Toobs home means they’ve had to adapt the product slightly in order to produce it locally.

“We appreciate that there will be a small difference in the product, however, this move is to support locally made products, local employment and to keep up with public demand – which couldn’t be more fitting for a nostalgic Australian snack.”

In good news for fans, Tasty Toobs are no longer here for a ‘limited time only’ but are here to stay, with a range of 35g and 150g packs.

Tasty Toobs returned this year and were solely manufactured overseas in an effort to return the much-loved product to shelves as quickly as possible.

The new Australian made variant is available now in petrol and convenience stations, independent retailers, and supermarkets across NSW and Qld.

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