The Deliciousness is in the Detail

Barista Bros has launched a new campaign.

Coca-Cola South Pacific has announced its new Barista Bros campaign ‘The Deliciousness is in the Detail’.

The campaign, aimed at building strong, emotional connection with the brand and its consumers will be fronted by a TV commercial that offers insight into what makes the brand unique.

The commercial takes viewers on a journey to discover the dedication and quality that is put into the cafe-inspired flavoured milks and showcases the ‘meticulous methodology’.

This is part of a wider integrated marketing campaign and multi-million dollar investment that also spans into cinema and online, displayed across screens nationally until October.

It will be featured online through Vevo, YouTube and Google Preferred.

Barista Bros brand manager Jason Wu said: “We know Australians love their coffee and are always on a quest for the best taste, which cafes cater to very well.”

“What we want to demonstrate with this campaign is that Barista Bros has that same level of dedication to taste and quality when it comes to iced coffee, with our quality ingredients and attention to detail creating the best tasting flavoured milk drink in market,” he said.

All four flavours – Iced Coffee, Iced Mochaccino, Iced Chocolate and Double Espresso are available for purchase at petrol and convenience stores.

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