The next stage in autonomous retail

Standard AI has released new additions to is autonomous checkout platform that offers retailers the next stage in the evolution of autonomous retail.

The new additions allow retailers and convenience stores the ability to understand and transform shopper behaviour and in-store operations from a brand-new lens.

Sold collectively as Vision OS^, the new tools will allow retailers to increase productivity and drive new revenue opportunities at a time when retailers are inhibited by labour and inflations challenges.

Jordan Fisher, Co-Founder and CEO of Standard AI, said retailers are looking up and seeing the potential of their ceilings – the most underutilised real estate in today’s stores.

“When you empower brick-and-mortar retailers with e-commerce insights and analytics, you understand shopper behaviour and in-store operations in a brand-new way. And with great insights come opportunities to improve the shopper experience, support in-store teams, and drive new revenue opportunities.”

Insights provided by Vision OS^ include where shoppers go in store and how they interact with products, what items they choose between, which items are out of stock or when they go out of stock, and what items are on the shelves and where they are located.

Vision OS^ is now comprised of three components, Standard Checkout, the industry standard for autonomous checkout, Mission Control, an app-based dashboard that helps in-store teams better manage operations and shopper experience, and Insights, a new frontier of intelligence about store operations that provides unprecedented views into shopper behaviour and operational performance.

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