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The Why Meat Co releases plant-based and gluten free sausage roll

Australian-based The Why Meat Co has launched what they say is a “world first” plant-based and gluten free sausage roll.

The allergen and vegan friendly sausage rolls are made with quality pea protein harvest from yellow and green split peas and are available in both gluten free and wheat pastry varieties.

Emma White, Co-founder of The Why Meat Co, said that they wanted to create a product that delivers flavour without the unhealthy punch.

Powered by pea, she went against the grain by steering away from the alternative meat market trend that is heavily dominated by soy protein.

“With the demand for vegan, vegetarian and gluten free products on the rise, The Why Meat Co. sausage roll is a winner for all the right reasons,” she said.

According to the 2020 State of the Industry report published by online food futurists Food Frontier, the number of plant-based meat products on supermarket shelves across Australia doubled over the past 12 months.

With increasing consumer demand for meat alternatives being driven foremost by health concerns, the report notes that grocery retail sales of plant-based meat surged 46 per cent in FY20.

In the same period, Australian retailers expanded their product ranges, doubling the number of plant-based meat products on supermarket shelves to more than 200. Domestic brands now make up 42 per cent of plant-based meat products in major retailers.

Innovation is at the heart of The Why Meat Co and an expanded product range of products made with pea protein are coming to supermarkets and convenience retailers soon.

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