Vitasoy shares new brand platform: Let’s Grow a Better World

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of its production in Australia, Vitasoy is asking all Australians to help them “grow a better world”.

Through its new brand platform, ‘Let’s Grow a Better World’, Vitasoy says that a simple way for Australians to reduce their environmental footprint is to drink more plant-based milk.

David Tyack, Managing Director Vitasoy Australia says this is an exciting new chapter in the brand’s development.

“With the launch of this new platform, Vitasoy continues to be at the forefront of innovation in the plant-based milk category. This is just the first step in our evolution and is a statement of intent for us.

“We know that plant-based milk is a more sustainable option for the planet. We are committed and dedicated to make real change in the Australian community, ensuring we are growing a better, more sustainable world.”

Vitasoy plant-based milk is produced under an Australian-first sourcing policy, ensuring that the brand is supporting Aussie growers, jobs, and industry.

All of the rice, almonds and oats used in Vitasoy plant-based milks are grown in Australia, with the vast majority of soy milk also grown and produced locally.

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  1. What a pile of shit. Animal milk is sustainable. Plant based milk still creates a massive carbon footprint. Production, harvest and transport. People are free to choose plant based milk but please stop this misleading ad campaign

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