Three year petrol high

Amid a three-year high petrol price hike, motorists are being urged to fill up only as much as they need until the cycle turns and prices drop.

The global oil price has increased to more than 40 percent over the past year, averaging the price for regular unleaded is around $1.50 per litre in most capital cities, reported.

NRMA spokesman Peter Khoury said: “It’s not great news, to be honest”.

“We’re starting to see some very high prices that we haven’t seen for some time,” Mr Khoury said.

The MotorMouth website has the average price for regular unleaded in each capital:

 Sydney: 137¢ per litre

 Melbourne: 152.1¢

 Brisbane: 154.2¢

 Perth: 152¢

 Adelaide: 138.7¢

 Canberra: 149.9¢

 Hobart: 149.2¢

 Darwin: 150.5¢

“For those cities that are now at the high point, if you need to fill up just get enough to get by for the next few days until prices start to drop,” Mr Khoury said.

“There’s not a massive spread of prices in those cities; for example, in Brisbane the average is 153.9 and the most expensive is 156.9, which is worrying.

“If you’re in Sydney, fill up now because it is going to go back up. When we see prices this high it’s really important that motorists make the most of the fuel cycles in those cities that have them, otherwise you’re going to be paying 20-30 cents more than you need to.”

There are a number of consumer mobile applications that can help motorists find the best fuel price in their area.

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