Tonicka kombucha cures stupidity*

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Tonicka Kombucha is the latest health drink to take people by surprise.

Originally made in Bondi Beach and sold at Bondi Beach Farmers’ Market, Tonicka was handed out as a sample a to customers purchasing food and was quickly a success.

After outgrowing a number of spaces Tonicka now produces and bottles from it Marrickville Brewery. Tonicka supplies it product bottled, kegged Australia wide also can assist customers with tap system  set ups.

Benefits of Tonicka include:

  • Safest Kombucha on the market- lab tested
  • Shelf stable-for ease of product storage
  • Raw, organic and unpasteurised
  • Cures Stupidity*
  • Australian owned and operated
  • Family owned and operated
  • 8-week brewing process (longer than beer, wine & ciders)
  • Fermented goodness
  • No Stevia, Erythritol
  • No nasties, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan
  • Cider like flavours
  • Aides in gut health

To this day, Tonicka’s vision remains: “we want to be the largest and healthiest drink manufacturer in Australia, through innovation and a vision for a healthier community. Our focus on the health of our customers will never waver”.

*Individual results may vary

For more information on Tonicka, visit its website.

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