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Uber Eats set to roll out voice ordering globally

Uber Eats has integrated Google Assistant into its platform to activate voice ordering for its customers around the world.

The voice ordering function has started rolling out globally in English with more languages to come in the months ahead. It will be available for Australian and New Zealand users of the app this winter.

Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO, Uber, said this year, Uber is unveiling a suite of products that will take ‘go anywhere’ and ‘get anything’ to the next level.

“At Uber, we’re always innovating to meet your changing needs in a changing world. Whether you’re booking rides for a summer trip with friends or you’re a new parent relying on Uber Eats for everything from groceries to dinner and diapers, the world is in your hands,” he said.

Ethan Hollinshead, Delivery Product Lead, said users of Uber Eats, will just need to say, “OK Google,” and ask their phone to order their favourite meal, groceries, or convenience item.

“With Uber Eats’ new voice assistant integrations, we’re making dinner easy and effortless, no matter where you and your phone may be. Weaving Google’s voice assistant technology into the Uber Eats platform, makes it easy to get your go-to meal, bottle of wine, convenience store necessities, and more,” he said.

In the US, Uber Eats is also launching two autonomous delivery pilots to continue innovating for Uber Eats customers.

A sidewalk robot has been optimised for short range deliveries with easy hand offs. A customer will meet the robot, receive a notification on their phone to unlock it, and grab their food.

Uber and bp recently announced a major global partnership to extend bp’s delivery services to more consumers across the world.

The partnership saw bp become the first convenience retailer to team up with Uber Eats on a global level and aims to have more than 3,000 retail locations available on the delivery platform over the next three years.

Woolworths also announced a partnership with Uber Eats in August 2021, to offer its customers one-hour delivery from its Woolworths Metro sites in Sydney and Melbourne.

The partnership was designed to give shoppers a fast and reliable option for quick top up shops and to complement Woolworths’ existing e-commerce offer.

Uber’s 2021 ANZ Economic Impact Report found that Uber and Uber Eats created an estimated $10.4 billion in economic value for the Australian economy and produced $6.6 billion in consumer surplus in 2021.

The Report found that Uber’s platforms encouraged Australians to support local restaurants and merchants, which they would otherwise not have had access to, leading to $889 million in additional revenue – and a gross impact of $8.4 billion for the Australian economy.

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