WA Government announces $60 million EV package

The WA Government has revealed a $60 million EV package including rebates, incentives, and infrastructure funding.

The Clean Energy Car Fund has allocated $36.5 million for $3,500 rebates on the purchase of electric and hydrogen vehicles, $22.6 million to increase EV charging across the state, and an additional $31 million for climate action research and planning.

Mark McGowan, WA Premier, said his Labor Government is building on its $750 million Climate Action Fund that was announced last year by implementing further initiatives to significantly reduce carbon emissions and progress towards net zero emissions.

“Our $3,500 rebates are one of the most generous grants on offer in the nation and will see an extra 10,000 electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on our roads.

 “This will assist WA with reducing greenhouse gas emissions to net zero, while also reducing the pressure of high petrol prices on WA households that utilise the rebate.”

The rebates are available for WA residents that buy a new electric or hydrogen cell vehicle up to a value of $70,000. Along with the over $1,400 residents will save on fuel costs, the introduction of the 10,0000 vehicles is expected to reduce carbon emissions by at least 7,000 tonnes each year.

The expansion of the charging infrastructure includes $10 million to support not-for-profits and small and medium-sized businesses with grants of up to 50 per cent of installing charging infrastructure costs.

In addition, $4 million has been allocated to the Public Transport Authority to trial the installation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure at four train stations, and more than $2.9 million for eight new charging stations across four locations on a section of National Highway 1 between Norseman and Eucla to ensure WA’s electric highway extends to South Australia.

Bill Johnson, WA Energy Minister, said he is excited to announce WA’s electric highway, which will be the longest in the world.

“With stations from Kununurra to Esperance already being delivered, the new stations between Norseman and Eucla will complete the link to South Australia.

“The McGowan Government is preparing for the rapid uptake in electric vehicles and ensuring that our electricity system remains secure and reliable.”

The further $31 million for climate action and research will support various initiatives that assist State Government agencies with reducing carbon emissions, such as to develop and implement strategies to reduce emissions and transition the agriculture, freight, and regional heavy transport industries to net zero.

McGowan said these investments will support climate resilient communities in the suburbs and regions and ensure WA can have a prosperous low carbon future.

“Our $31 million commitment to climate action research and planning will see State Government agencies take a leading role in reducing carbon emissions and support industry to reduce its carbon footprint.”

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