US Merchandising guidelines for c-stores

Mars Wrigley Confectionery has released merchandising guidelines based on shopper behaviour, designed to drive in-store sales.

The US confectionery brand built the guidelines to based on research, with 50% of confectionery purchase decisions being made in-store.

Mars Wrigley said the company: “found that c-store retailers have the opportunity to increase confectionery sales by leveraging key shopper principles to address barriers to purchase and provide actionable insights, to ultimately drive conversion in-store” ConfectioneryNews reported.

“To get shoppers down the confections aisle, lead with chocolate and gum, the largest and most broadly appealing segments for consumers,” the company said.

“To ensure the shopper can easily navigate the aisle…carry an assortment of chocolate, gum,  mint and fruity confections, and make sure to vertically organize all segments by flavours”.

Tiffany Menyhart, VP of US category leadership at Mars Wrigley told ConfectioneryNews: “As the category leader, with the largest confectionery share at c-store, Mars Wrigley Confectionery is committed to improving the in-store experience for our partners”.

“Our updated shelving recommendations give c-store retailers guidelines to seamlessly connect with today’s shopper behavior”.


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