Violet Crumble back in Aussie hands

Australia’s iconic Violet Crumble bar is back on Australian shores after spending some time in foreign ownership.

South Australian (SA) confectionery company Robern Menz, recently bought the brand from Neste, and production of the chocolate bars has begun back in Australia.

Robern Menz CEO Phil Sims said the acquisition was good news for all Australians.

“The recipe and process technique is top secret. That’s why the Violet Crumble explosive and shattering honeycomb experience is so unique and so loved by generations of Australians since it was first created in Australia by Abel Hoadley as Australia’s first chocolate bar in 1913,” he said.

“It’s exciting to be part of the legacy. To have custody of one of Australia’s great brands, and produce it in a way that does justice to its history, is a real privilege.

“We are fiercely passionate about Australian brands, and our expertise will ensure Violet Crumble is produced with the same passion and affinity Australians have had towards the brand since 1913.”

Mr Sims said the original, secret recipe would be followed to make the chocolate bar, with the company planning to focus on sustainable and ethically sourced cocoa.

The factory where the chocolate bars are being produced in SA underwent a $4 million refurbishment to make the process possible, as well moving factory parts and equipment from Melbourne to the SA factory.

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